The Original Patented ShamRock Glass - Cocktail/Irish Whiskey Glass - Hand Blown Copper Bottom Glassware by Frost Glass, USA

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Type: Drinkware
  • 3.25" tall and 3.4" wide
  • Dishwasher Safe - Hand wash recommended
  • Patented production process.

Luck can be found in a field of clover and at the bottom of these charmed and charming glasses. Cleverly  suspended in the sham of each hand-blown glass is a copper shamrock.  Careful additions of fine emerald glass are melted in to add a splash of  color that evokes a lush meadow.

The Original Patented Sham Rock Whiskey Glass - Copper Bottom Glassware by

Frost Glass USA. Approx. 3.25" tall and 3.4" wide. Hand Blown, Hand Wash

Recommended, Gift Packaging included.