Grading Services

Fandom Trade is happy to announce that we offer grading submission services for PSA and CGC! All you need to do is prep your cards and bring them into our store.  If you have questions or want to submit a larger submission, call or email us to schedule a consultation.

Service Pricing

The below pricing includes prep, submission, and insured overnight shipping costs.


Bulk $25 est. 65 days up to $499
Value+ $50 est. 20 days up to $499
Regular $85 est. 10 days up to $1,499
Express $175 est. 5 days up to $2,499

CGC: (New Lower Rates!)

Bulk $15 est. 40 days up to $250
Economy $22 est. 20 days up to $1,000
Express $60 est. 3 days up to $10,000


We will take care of the prep and nitty gritty for you but have a few requirements that we need you to follow:

  1. Cards must be sorted by set for each grading tier
  2. Cards must be sorted in numerical order based on the specific sets card numbers
  3. Cards must be in a top loader or card saver. 


  • Fandom Trade is in no way responsible for the grade of your cards.
  • Upon hand over of cards, customer must sign declaration that we are in no way responsible for the condition of your cards once shipped for grading
  • Turn around time dates are estimated, not promised

Please call (866) 326-3660 or email with any questions!