Pokemon 2000 Misty's Seadra- Gym Heroes Unlimited 9/132, Graded CGC Near Mint 7

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by Pokemon

Introducing the classic Pokemon 2000 Misty's Seadra card from the Gym Heroes Unlimited set, now CGC graded at Near Mint 7! This card showcases Misty's powerful Seadra in all its glory, evoking nostalgia for long-time collectors. While graded at Near Mint 7, it retains its collectible appeal.

Don't hesitate – make Misty's Seadra a part of your collection today! Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to Pokemon, this card embodies the spirit of the early Pokemon TCG. Act now to own a piece of Pokemon history. Purchase today and let Misty's Seadra make a splash in your collection!