Pokemon 1999 Spanish Bulbasaur- Base Set 1st Ed 44/102, CGC Near Mint/ Mint+ 8.5

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by Pokemon

Unearth a true Pokemon treasure - the 1999 Spanish Bulbasaur from the Base Set, a 1st Edition marvel, CGC graded Near Mint/Mint+ 8.5! This card is a testament to the allure of vintage Pokemon, featuring the iconic Bulbasaur with Spanish text. Its exceptional condition, verified by CGC, guarantees its place as a prized addition to your collection.

Seize this rare opportunity today and welcome the charm of Bulbasaur into your collection. Whether you're an avid collector or a Pokemon enthusiast, this 1st Edition Spanish Bulbasaur card is a prized possession that captures the essence of Pokemon's beginnings. Don't miss out - make it yours now and relish in the nostalgia!