Pokemon 1999 Japanese Kingdra- Holo- No. 230, Graded CGC Near Mint/ Mint+ 8.5

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by Pokemon

Introducing the vintage Pokemon 1999 Japanese Kingdra Holo card, a true relic from the early days of Pokemon, now CGC graded at an impressive Near Mint/Mint+ 8.5! This card features the majestic Kingdra in stunning holo detail, a testament to the classic Pokemon era.

Don't miss this chance – add this Kingdra card to your collection today! Whether you're a seasoned collector or a Pokemon enthusiast, the nostalgia of this card is undeniable. Secure your piece of Pokemon history. Act now to make this exceptional Kingdra yours. Purchase today and let Kingdra's regal presence reign over your collection! Don't wait; it's a gem of a card!