Metazoo Cryptid Nation UFO 1st Edition Lot of 24 Blister Packs, Factory Sealed

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by Metazoo

Lot of 24 Metazoo Cryptid Nation UFO 1st Edition Blister Packs. 12 Cards/Pk.

Each 24 pack lot consists of 12 x UFO Packs and 12 Foo Fighter Packs

Each blistered booster pack for MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — UFO contains

1 MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — UFO booster pack;

1 MetaZoo metallic coin

1 exclusive MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — UFO/Foo Fighter holographic promo card.

This item is factory sealed direct from a licensed distributor. All of our listings are for 100% authentic merchandise.

We do not allow returns on collectible items.