MetaZoo Cryptid Nation Tribal Theme Deck 2nd Edition Alpha Iceman Factory Sealed

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by Metazoo

Embark on an epic journey through the freezing tundra. Only the most steadfast Beasties are known to live in this unforgiving environment, and no less is expected of the casters who seek to master it. Cryptids such as the Minnesota Icemen and the Alpha Iceman who leads their tribe are yours to Contract... if you have the willpwer to do so. Freeze your opponent Casters in their place with the chilling MetaZoo Alpha Iceman Frost Tribal Theme Deck! In the Frost Tribal Theme Deck you will find: 39 Pages (cards) 1 Sealed Holographic Promo Card 1 Metallic Coin 1 Rulebook 1 Booster Pack

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