Trade In Policy

  1. At this time, we are only offering store credit for trade ins.

  2. We encourage you to email or call us ahead. Due to limited hours of availability, we need to ensure that we have staff available to complete your trade. Large quantity trades may require additional time to process. Additionally, high value cards may require additional time for review by store ownership. For more information on our storefront hours and location, visit (Fandom Trade)

  3. Please have your cards organized. Sort the cards you’d like to trade by set and numerical order, lowest to highest. For example: If you want to trade cards from the Pokemon Evolving Skies set, put them all together starting at card 001-237.

  4. If we are busy, you can drop off your items. We will provide a quote after we are able to review the items in person. (Steve, you can provide information and quote time when they drop off)

  5. We may refuse a trade for certain cards. For example, we are not accepting Magic, Digimon, of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, among others, at this time.

  6. We reserve the right to decline a trade at our staff’s discretion. Time is limited. We strive to provide excellent service to all our customers, but often we do not have the ability to process any more trades. We will do our best to communicate this and again encourage you to contact us before bringing your items for trade in.

  7. Our policies are subject to change at any time.