Pokemon 1999 Italian Dragonite- Holo Fossil 4/62, Graded CGC Near Mint 7

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by Pokemon

Behold the 1999 Italian Dragonite from the Fossil set, a CGC graded Near Mint 7 treasure! This card showcases the majestic Dragonite in all its glory with Italian text, adding a unique flair to your collection. While it bears a CGC Near Mint 7 grade, it's still a highly sought-after piece for collectors looking to capture the magic of early Pokemon cards.

Don't let this opportunity slip away - bring the power and charm of Dragonite into your collection today. Whether you're a dedicated collector or a Pokemon enthusiast, this Italian Dragonite card is a piece of history that deserves a special place. Secure it now and let Dragonite soar in your card collection!