Gamewright Dragonwood, A Game of Dice and Daring, Ages 8 and Up

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Type: Board Games
  • Dragonwood is a thrilling mix of card and dice game for the whole family!
  • With the right portion of daring and strategy to victory - you need both luck and tactics to be victorious in the dragon forest.
  • Beginner-friendly game rules ensure short term fun from the first game minute. High replay value thanks to numerous possibilities.
  • The playing cards are attractively designed and take players into the mystical world of the dragon forest.

Do you dare to enter the Dragonwood? Deep in the heart of this mystical forest lurk angry ogres, silly goblins and even the most terrifying fire spiters. Collect sets of adventure cards to get dice you can throw against your enemies. Choose your strategy carefully, because the landscape of the dragon forest is constantly changing. . .

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